One aspect of running a small business that few people give a lot of thought to is the way they deal with professional vendors such as bankers, lawyers, accountants and so on. Most entrepreneurs just dive right into their businesses without giving a second thought to how these professionals should be treated, what they can do for you and what they in turn look for in clients. With a little thought and effort, you can ensure that you get the most from these relationships.
The main thing to remember is that you need a personal relationship with each of these people. They have the ability sometimes direct, sometimes indirect to drastically influence the success of your business. Your goal should be to develop a long-term, personal relationship with each of them. If you do that, when you hit a bump in the road, they'll be there to help you get over it.

Turning your special skills and abilities into a profitable business is a growing trend. Many are considering self-employment as a viable and rewarding life choice. Concerns unique to your particular situation need to be addressed, but issues you should definitely include in your decision making process are:
Assessing yourself and your skills
Determining market opportunities
Analyzing competitors
Regulations and laws affecting the business
Selecting professional advisors
Preparing your business plan
Setting fees or determining pricing
Keeping records
How to legally minimize paying tax
Preventing losses and wasting resources
Running a smooth operation

Learn more about Sailfund Accounting

Sailfund has been practicing as a tax accountant and financial advisor since 1988. Sailfund concentrates in personalized financial and tax planning services for individuals and corporations. In addition, Sailfund specializes in the employee stock option arena for many notable publicly held clients.

In order to more completely service our clients and remain on top of the changing dynamics of the profession, we have several financial services licenses including the NASD series 6, 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses and the State of New York insurance license. Sailfund is also a Registered Representative of and offers securities through National Planning Corporation.

Sailfund's diverse background affords us the unique opportunity of utilizing the angles of both tax and investment strategies when working with clients.


This is of paramount importance because it allows us to deliver our service both timely and accurately. We understand the day to day "emergencies" of our clients and do everything to solve them on the spot. In fact, most clients get an answer on their first try. This allows clients to have a true sense of comfort when dealing with our firm. That's just what we want!


In addition to providing quality work, the ultimate reward for our firm is client satisfaction. This may be in the form of providing a monthly financial statement, resolving an IRS matter, tax savings through proper planning or just help with a bank reconciliation. Whichever it may be, client satisfaction drives our firm.


Although accounting and tax services are the mainstay of our practice, we provide many related services. Arranging financing for clients, investment strategies, insurance and retirement planning are some examples. Our experienced staff allows us to handle these issues effectively.

We understand that selecting an accounting firm is a very important and personal decision for most people. Our goal is to make this decision as easy as possible.

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